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The project will significantly improve breeding sites, foraging sites and wintering areas for 14 species of birds and contribute to obtain favorable conservation status of 10 natural habitat types.

The expected results include:

  • increased populations of 5 breeding and 4 migratory species of coastal birds.
  • new breeding populations of 5 species of coastal birds.
  • improved conservation status on 520,5 ha of 1330 Atlantic salt meadows and 41 ha of 7230 Alkaline fens.
    clearing trees, shrubs and bushes on 154,5 ha.
  • establishing grazing on 89,3 ha.
  • reducing the number of or eliminating predators by using traps for mink and excluding foxes from project areas.
  • conversion of 60,5 ha of arable land into habitats, that over time will develop into natural areas protected under national legislation or even natural habitat types.
  • restoring 30 ha of reefs.
  • establishing 1,5 ha of eelgrass meadows.
  • establishing 12 islands/breeding sites in shallow waters.